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Common Problem

Logical In case of deleting partitions, files, or folders, storing any more data on the device is a direct cause of the recovery failure. Please refrain from saving the data and ask for the recovery company to repair it.
Physical In case of USB terminal damage, it is possible to recover by simple operation. However, if there is bad cell or ID error, power should be turned off immediately because flash memory may deteriorate rapidly otherwise.



Capacity Logical Physial(Standard type) Physical(COB type)
8GB or less ₩50,000 ₩150,000 ₩200,000
16GB or less ₩200,000 ₩300,000
32GB or less ₩250,000 ₩400,000
64GB or less ₩300,000 ₩500,000
128GB or less ₩100,000 ₩400,000 ₩700,000
256GB or less ₩100,000 ₩500,000 ₩800,000
512GB or less ₩150,000 ₩600,000 ₩900,000
1TB or less ₩150,000 ₩700,000 ₩1,000,000
30K Won+tax may be charged upfront for certain types of Loginal Recoveries such as overwritten data by installing OS or other reasons.
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