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Common Problem

Logical Format, delete files Depending on the file system, the internal processing of deleting data such as files or folders is different. In NTFS, the file management record is marked as “deleted” and the cluster is marked as “disabled”. Any new input data coming after that may be directed to and stored in the area marked “disabled”. By this process, the deleted data area will be overwritten with new data and may be permanently damaged. So it is the best to stop all operations immediately when you delete data by mistake, and contact the recovery specialist.
Physical Memory,chip damage If you have a hardware failure, do not turn the power on. SSDs are often not recoverable due to the encryption algorithm applied, so it is best to use them for the operating system rather than for data storage.



Capacity Logical Physical
64GB or less ₩50,000 ₩450,000
128GB or less ₩100,000 ₩450,000
256GB or less ₩100,000 ₩500,000
512GB or less ₩150,000 ₩600,000
1TB or less ₩150,000 ₩800,000
2TB or less ₩200,000 ₩1,000,000
30K Won+tax may be charged upfront for certain types of Loginal Recoveries such as overwritten data by installing OS or other reasons.
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