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Common Problem

Logical Raid reconfiguration by user mistake
Loss of Raid Information
Replace with an incompatible controller or hard disk
In the case of logical corruption, it is better to avoid storing data on RAID storage devices as this may damage existing data in other location.
Physical Multiple hard disk failures In case of physical damage, do not turn on the power. Take special care on identifying each drives not to be mixed with each other when you rebuild the RAID. If you are using a special file system or raid configuration, you should contact the vendor for help.


No. HDD Recovery cost (success) Operating expense (fail) Remark
2 or less ₩800,000 None When the recovery is successful,
Not charged for operation expense.
3~5ea ₩1,200,000~2,000,000 ₩300,000
6~10ea ₩2,200,000~3,800,000 ₩400,000
11~16ea ₩4,200,000~6,200,000 ₩800,000
Over 17ea After consultation


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