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Common Problems

Logical Format, delete files If you delete photos, videos, texts, SNS, etc., you should refrain from powering on your phone. When power is on, new data is stored in internal memory by various communication, which makes probability of permanently damag increase.
Factory Reset Factory Reset is to restore the factory defaults, all data in use will be erased if it’s run. Pleas do not power on and contact to the specialized company.
Virus The use of a vaccine when it is damaged by a virus can reduce the likelihood of recovery of user data.
Physical No response when power applied Remove the battery if you are unresponsive to power on. Especially if the device was flooded, water inside may cause a fatal damage on internal components.
Flooding In case of water immersion, power-on may cause a fatal impact on the internal flash memory with moisture remaining in the internal substrate and each element. Please remove batdtery and contact specialized recovery company.
Burnt In the event of a fire, it is advisable to turn off the power and contact recovery specialist.
Shock In case of shock, internal board damage is often accompanied. Internal data can be recovered even in this case as long as the flash memory is not cracked.



Basis Cost(Excluded VAT /  Separate charge / non-refundable) Recovery Cost(Exclued VAT)
  Phone book Single item : ₩50,000

2 or more items : ₩100,000


  Photo ₩150,000
  Video ₩150,000
  Text message ₩150,000
  Kakao talk ₩150,000
  Attached file of SMS/Kakaotalk ₩150,000
  Messenger(Band, Line, Wechat, Tiktok) ₩150,000
  Call History ₩150,000
  Call record ₩150,000
  Web log(Logging history) ₩150,000
  Memo.Schedule(Calender) ₩150,000
  Forensic   ₩100,000 ₩500,000
  Written appraisal(Civil litigation)   ₩500,000
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