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Data Recovery Procedure

Consulting Contact us anytime you have a trouble in reading out your data by visit, phone call, e-mail, or homepage question board. We will happily guide the estimated cost and time of the recovery base on the presumed symptoms.
Receiving & Registration Fill out the request form to register your media for recovery. including detail information such as model, symptom, target data for recovery, target date of completion, and etc. Real-time recovery status update service is available through Data Cube SNS.
Diagnosis Drive failures are caused by either logical or physical damages in general. Data Cube provides free of charge initial diagnosis and the result with subsequent recovery processes according to the causes. Estimated cost and time may be shared in this step.
Recovery Recovery process starts upon client’s agreement. In the case of physical recovery, one or more damaged components may be replaced with good ones to revive drive functionality, and then data extraction is proceeded to recover data. For this complicated processes, Physical recoveries cost more than logical.
Verification We confirm recovered files and folders with the customer before shipping. Additional recovery process may be run If there is any missing data until the customer’s target data is confirmed.
Shipping Recovered data is shipped to customer only after the payment is completed. The recovered data may be stored in the backup medium or shared by a secured network upon the customer’s preference and the size of the data.


Price policy

– Diagnosis is free of charge.

– Precision recovery service is available with additional 100,000 won to the basic price.

– Free delivery service.

– No refund after data acquisition.

– 50% surcharge and additional operation cost of 50,000 won (prepaid) may be charged for cover opened HDDs by other recovery companies.

– Non-Windows OS may be charged additional 50,000 won.

– Services performed under a separate contract with the customer will apply special prices.

– Special price may apply to special drive cases per consultation.

◆ Express recovery (in case of physical symptoms)

– Express recovery within 24 hours – 50% surcharge.

◆ Holiday express recovery

– Express recovery within 24 hours – 50% surcharge + 100,000 won operation cost

(No surcharge if it took over 24 hours, but the operation cost is still be charged.)

◆ Unspecified data recovery

– When target data (folders or files) is not specified upon recovery request, 50% the standard recovery cost wil be charged even if the recovered data is not what you look for.

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